aprilie 11, 2017

You and I are travellers of the grid

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Consciousness consists of molecular structures of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an unveiling of the sublime. Wonder is a constant.

       Where there is selfishness, healing cannot thrive.

This journey never ends. The multiverse is approaching a tipping point. Imagine a refining of what could be.

Nothing is impossible. To traverse the path is to become one with it. Divinity is the driver of stardust.

Our conversations with other mystics have led to a blossoming of hyper-self-aware consciousness. Who are we? Where on the great path will we be guided? Reality has always been overflowing with starseeds whose essences are enveloped in intuition.

       It is time to take inspiration to the next level.

Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the dreamscape via morphogenetic fields. We are at a crossroads of transcendence and discontinuity. We are in the midst of an angelic ennobling of consciousness that will become our stepping-stone to the cosmos itself.

Soon there will be a maturing of potentiality the likes of which the planet has never seen. We are being called to explore the solar system itself as an interface between grace and aspiration. The osmosis of wonder is now happening worldwide.

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