Septembrie 2, 2009

sarmale federale

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shema le hefe m’ale atract: oposites attack. a chick with a dick & a dude with a pussy. asta e. tot

P.S. l-am luat pe nepregatite pe http://ro.wikipedia.org:

Search: shemale. Niciun rezultat. Te-ai referit la: sarmale

Search: hefemale. Niciun rezultat. Te-ai referit la: federale

exact in clipa in care voiam sa postesc postarea asta, am primit un banc pe messenger. probably the worst joke in the world:
„A man was lying in bed with his new  girlfriend.  After  having great sex, she spent the next hour  just  rubbing  his testicles – something she loved to  do. As he   was enjoying it, he turned and asked her,”Why do you love doing  that?” Because, she replied, „I miss  mine.”

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  1. External organizer pocket and internal laptop sleeve make it school happy. Shemale

    Comentariu de Shemale — Septembrie 2, 2009 @ 19:00

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